Perfect Health

Most of us desire to have perfect health, but few really understand what comprises of perfect health. Some spend a lot of time working on their health through watching what they eat, working out very hard, and whatever else they do. However, experience has proven something to me.

Here I am at 55 years of age and enjoying perfect health because of my willingness to study truth and practice truth. Without working on them my past illnesses have disappeared. Now why would I change given these circumstances?

I am on no medications. My diet definitely is not the best. Admittedly I am a little overweight. Yet, I am happy and enjoy a level of physical and mental health not achieved in my past. So how can I continue to enjoy such benefits without the hard work that others put into their health?

Clinical Depression
This is not bragging. I happen to have stumbled upon this good fortune. I simply began to meditate and study a truth teaching that was about spiritual matters. These teachings seem to have done it. I did nothing. Due to a period of depression I do admit that I spent a lot of time studying these matters because they had answers for me. For example, it made no sense to me to be suffering from depression. Yet this was something that was killing me and hurting my family.

Due to the intense pain of depression, I did try an antidepressant at one time. This helped temporarily, yet I felt myself too young to spend the balance of my life dependent upon a pill. While this seems to be the objective of the medical community, I did not want to join that community. Specifically, I am saying that the medical community seems to want the entire world to become dependent upon medications for their health. Not being one to promote conspiracy theories, I simply can respect science and still know of its failings.

You see, I couldn’t understand why I was suffering from depression when my life was fine before this started. Usually, a person attributes depression to have a cause. For example, one would believe that a person, place of thing, would cause depression. I simply believed that a mental disease would have a mental cure. And what do you know? My health improved in all areas when the mental cure was found.

Other Ailments
Most of my life I suffered with influenza and the common, but extremely bad cold. These as well have disappeared. At first I did not notice this because I was not working on it. Depression had my attention. Yet, everything else including my constant running to the bathroom disappeared. I know others who have been taken off their deathbed by correct living.

Specifically, I know a man who was suffering from rheumatoid Arthritis. He told me that he was bedridden and appeared to be on his death bed. Yet, he began a practice of Tai Chi which is a mentally soothing dance that promotes an inner peace. Along with this he started a physical cleanse which started with a period of a complete cessation of eating to clear the multiple medications out of his body.

This person is now a school teacher and is happy that he can once again support his family. He told me that he enjoys perfect health now. I remember that day looking into his clear eyes and fully accepted what he told me. Our conversation had begun because we were at a party and he noticed that I was not eating. I was on a fast at the time. It happened that we were familiar with the same fast.

A fast is a physical act of not eating. Yet it has the additional benefit of bringing the attention within and relaxing the mind. I will not frown on physical acts to help the body. Yet this article deals with getting the mind in order.

The Nature of Reality
The best thing that a person can do for themselves is to get interested in knowing more about the nature of reality. The question is what is the universe which includes myself composed of? The answer to that question alone does something for a person. Even having the insight to ask such a question takes a person down a path.

First of all the universe is conscious. This means that the air, rock on the street, and all things are composed of live matter. Some call this God. Doesn’t matter. This isn’t about religion. Religions are belief systems. Many are good. I choose to just say that there is something in my field that is aware of me and responds to me. Actually it responds to my thoughts.

Just accept that if you head in a proper direction personally interested in knowing about the nature of reality, that reality will begin to support you in some way. This is because it is conscious and wants you to know about yourself and all things. By the way, you are composed of the same substance that the rock on the street and the air is composed of. That substance wants you to know this. No, I am not crazy. I live in a conscious live universe that simply responds to my direction.

Look at the term universe. It means one. All things are simply one. For some people this means that all things are attached. This is close, yet it is a way of looking at it. You are so attached to all things that if you were able to view yourself along with these things you could not find a way of defining yourself versus these other things. You are so attached that there is no way of defining yourself as separate from the whole.

A Path to Health
My recommendation for the restoration of health is entirely spiritual. Yet can you believe that the spiritual dominates the physical world? If you can you can start down this path you can begin. Otherwise, continue all your old methods. I can only imagine the number of different medications I might be on today if I had followed my doctors advice.

I once met an herbalist who told me that a person can practically eat poison and that body will not be affected if that mind is joyous. My suggestion is to find the joy that is not based upon any external circumstance. This is that joy that wells up from within. There is a spiritual process that begins with the desire for peace of mind and a working on that peace. It is not a peace that the world can give you. It is called a perfect peace. From this peace an inner joy arises. Following is perfect health.

While I do consider myself to have a logical mind, most logical minds will not understand this. Find peace of mind and find perfect health. That is all that is required. Perfect peace equals perfect health.

A person must simply begin the process of finding that inner peace. The universe awaits such persons. Are you next? Choose yourself. Such courses as A Course in Miracles is a start. This is a universal spirituality course that I teach Monday nights at a non-profit organization called Share in west Los Angeles.

Self study is also available. One must be willing to give up old outdated concepts of what God is and how God operates to do such self study. A Buddhist once told me that spiritual practice requires prayer, practice, and study. Much of this work is practice on what is being studied by applying such principles in daily living.

Gerald Collins has been a licensed Religious Science Practitioner at the Agape International Center in Los Angeles, California, since 1997. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of Agape, taught Gerald as his minister and class facilitator. Mr. Collins has spent over 15 years teaching universal spiritual principles to children and has been an assistant teacher in Agape’s University of Transformational Studies and Leadership. Since 1976 Gerald has been a professional teacher and financial manager as a Certified Public Accountant with a Masters’ degree in finance.