Bee Pollen Health Benefits – Now You Can Have Perfect Health By Taking Just One Supplement

When I read that bees were quarantining toxic pollen by covering it with propolis in the hive in order to preserve their own health, I was not at all surprised. It is just one marvelous aspect of the bees’ ingenuity and ability to adapt to the new threats from the environment. We should not be so surprised that bee pollen health benefits are so many and varied.

The whole question of bees’ survival and their ability to adapt is brought home to us when we look at Taggart Siegel’s film ‘Queen of The Sun: What Are The Bees Telling Us?’ It is a wonderful and moving film.

So, what are the bee pollen health benefits and why are they becoming such a hot topic right now? Lots of studies have been done to show what these benefits are. Let me tell you about a few of them.

A study by The University of Vienna showed that women who were treated with chemotherapy were much better able to tolerate the side effects when they were given doses of bee bread. They had much fewer symptoms of nausea, weakness and other troublesome symptoms.

There are several studies which show that men with prostate problems benefit from taking this substance as well. The reason is that the pollen contains a whole range of amino acids and enzymes which help to reduce the effect of the hormone DHT which is a sort of testosterone gone wrong.

They found that men in the forty to forty five age bracket who took bee pollen were much less likely to have prostate problems at the age of fifty which is the critical age for men with this problem.

Did you know that The Standard American Diet (SAD) is lacking in many of the enzymes essential for good health? It will come as no surprise to learn that there are many deficiencies too in that diet regarding vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals.

The wonderful thing about bee bread is that it has all these in abundance. There are twenty two amino acids and lots of vitamins especially vitamin B which is why it gives us such great energy and vitality when we take it. Just another one of the bee pollen health benefits.

Another interesting compound in it is quercetin which can neutralize the action of histamines when we are confronted with allergens. That is why it has been so useful in helping people with allergies.